The Spectacular Falling City (And We Could Not Look Away)

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My sound-sensitive lightbox:  I use images of demolitions, buildings quickly blown from the inside out. A building that scrapes the clouds often comes to represent a landmark in our sense of place and identity, a sign of time passing and decay. Someone decides that the building, now ancient by modern standards, must go. Foundations crumble because of a trigger pulled by the thing that made them. Crowds gather around buildings when they become aware of the demolition date. It has become a spectacle in any place that has never known the reality of a building crumbling. In The Spectacular Falling City, I create the scene of buildings bursting form the ground up, against a background of sound responsive lights that make the scene increasingly chaotic and glorious as the volume of the on-lookers increase. A fragility of materials brings a new perspective to the buildings, which are known to be mountain-like, monumental, and immoveable. The tedious process of assemblage and layering, using the temperamental materials of lace and tissue paper makes my process one of patience, planning, and foresight. The eye is drawn to the beautified image before it is able to comprehend the horrific scene that is portrayed, sealed safely behind glass, we are free to look on and remain detached, awed from the destruction, chaos, and spectacle as the city falls.

See it here in action:

Also featured in Guerrilla Magazine’s “Week that was in video” compilation featuring Electric Fields artists and yours truly:

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