Tracing Projections- Shadowboxes

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In the series Tracing Projections I seek to capture the depth of my character beyond the surface of flesh, with portraits rendered and fragmented on multiple layers of transparencies assembled within a deep handmade wooden frame. It is in these works that I negotiate levels of intimacy with the subjects, to see these works in full we must look deeply into the individuals I capture. Intimacy is created through this close up perspective.  The subjects faces fractured speaks to the relationship between the ego and the id:

“The ego is described as a ‘projection of a surface,’ and so would seem to contain, perhaps in holographic fashion, all the information buried in the depths of the id.” Dorothea Olkowski, “Catastrophe”.


“The women in Shannon Armishaw’s paintings look back at the viewer with doleful eyes, their captivating faces fractured amongst the multi-layered, transparent paintings. The artist has worked with her close friends as models, creating portraits which, in their intimacy, reveal unique personal relationships. Armishaw’s palette of warm colours is accented with overlays of photocopied lace patterns which appear beneath gaps in the paint. The combination of segmented colouring and dark line drawing add a graphic punch, while the lace accents evoke a sense of nostalgia and lament, reinforcing the fragility of these characters.There is a touching moment for the viewer where the many surfaces coalesce, and the fragmentation is overcome.” – Jessica Blackwood.


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Artist, Designer, Creative Collaborator. Maker of beautiful things. You can find me making art, taking photos, designing homes, sets, or unique spaces, making hot sauces, creating unforgettable events, the list goes on and continues to grow!

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